About Us


Our trainings are site-specific, meaning we act out real scenarios that are likely to happen at your workplace. We can train your staff to work together quickly and efficiently whether in a healthcare facility, fitness center, manufacturing company, child care facility, school, or office building. You can feel confident in your skills from the day of your training until the day of your renewal!

We can even tailor classes to suit your profession/needs. If you don't see the perfect class listed for you and your team, together we will create it!


We provide complimentary services to local non-profit organizations and donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profits as well. If you have an organization you would like us to teach at or donate to please contact Meredith at:

(970) 222-2215

We are a relationship-based business. We love for our clients to think of us as a resource for any questions or needs between CPR trainings. We truly value your business and go out of our way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your training. 


Learning by Heart is a locally owned and operated small business located in Fort Collins, CO. It was created by Meredith McCarthy as a way to provide professional training in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. She has taught CPR, First Aid, and Medical Emergency classes since 2010. Through her own experience, and by working with veteran instructors, she has refined techniques to help students internalize necessary life-saving skills and emergency protocols.  

Meredith is accredited by the American Heart Association, the American Safety & Health Institute, and the American Red Cross.