Refreshers and Surprise Drills

Go Above and Beyond

Learning by Heart now offers 30 minute refresher courses and surprise emergency drills for offices that really want to be on top of their rescue skills! Complete either of these optional trainings and you can be featured on our website as a local business that is best prepared for an emergency event.

Healthcare Provider Refresher Course

Brush up on your life-saving skills and ability to work together as a team in this 30 minute refresher course. We make sure your equipment is in good working order and go over the skills you learned at your last class. Recommended 6 months to 1 year after initial training. $60 per office.

Surprise Emergency Drill

Schedule a surprise emergency drill for an exciting way to refresh your life-saving skills! Have the doctor or office manager schedule an "unannounced" emergency event and see how quickly and efficiently your team can work together to properly treat the victim. Emergencies vary from choking to sudden cardiac arrest and we include the patient's background information and medical history. The rescue scenario takes about 15 minutes followed by a 15 minute Q&A to review. $60 per office.