Other Courses

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens


Learning by Heart offers OSHA training in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. This course is designed for people who have a reasonable chance of coming into contact with blood or blood-containing materials as part of their job responsibilities. This course will prepare you to be safe around bloodborne pathogens hazards and deals with how to protect yourself, how to react when bloodborne-pathogens exposure occurs, and how to report exposures. Your instructor will help you build and maintain a book of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and material safety data sheets. This course meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements when used with site-specific training. Includes book and same-day certification card. $25 per person.

*up to 2 CEUs 

Emergency Oxygen Administration


Serious and life-threatening medical emergencies often cause oxygen to be depleted in the body, leaving the victim at risk for shock. The ASHI Emergency Oxygen Program focuses on administering emergency oxygen to breathing and non-breathing persons, emergency oxygen delivery systems, and integrating pulse oximetry. It is required that a CPR or CPR/first aid training course be completed within the previous 24 months prior to taking the Emergency Oxygen training class. $45 per person.

*up to 2 CEUs 

Emergency Medicine in Dentistry


Learn the key steps in preparing your staff to better handle the many medical emergencies that may   occur in your dental office. This course covers a variety of situations, including: syncope, hypoglycemia, seizures, hyperventilation, asthma, angina, cardiac arrest and more. $80 per person.

*up to 7 CEUs    

AED Training


Recent studies have found that delivering a shock from an AED within one minute of recognition of sudden cardiac arrest can give the victim a 90% chance of survival. After four minutes, the victim’s chance of survival is negligible. This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in learning to operate an AED, or places of business that are required to have an AED but not CPR certification. Our AHA and ASHI approved instructors will teach you how to operate your specific AED and practice with one of our trainer AEDs.

Student receives a certificate through Learning by Heart

Course duration: about 30 minutes

Price per student: $15

Anti-Choke Course


This course focuses on prevention of choking emergencies, as well as what to do when someone is choking. The course covers adult, child, and infant choking emergencies, the difference in treatment when a victim is conscious or unresponsive, and basic CPR. In some states this certification is required for food establishments that have seating for 25 or more. If the food establishment has multiple shifts, there must be at least one employee trained for each shift.

Student receives a certificate through Learning by Heart

Course duration: about 45 minutes

Price per student: $25

Senior Home Safety


This course is designed for senior center employees, in-home caregivers, and families of elderly who wish to create a safe home for their loved ones. Topics covered include adult CPR, choking emergencies, how to treat falls and head injuries, and an overview of products and adaptive equipment that can make a space safe and accessible as well as assist the elderly with independently completing activities of daily living.

Student receives a certificate through Learning by Heart 

and a Basic CPR/AED card issued through ASHI.

Course duration: about 2.5 hours

Price per student: $60

Basic Bleeding Control


The Basic Bleeding Control program consists of both video content and samples of hands-on training with the supplies the student should learn. Based on recommendations from the Hartford Consensus and the American College of Surgeons, all instruction given is drawn from widely accepted treatment guidelines and procedures.

Skills covered: Major hemorrhage assessment through the String of Survival; tourniquet application (Windlass and Elastic) and wound packing.

Student receives a card issued by Learning by Heart

Course duration: 1- 1.5 hours, depending on class size

Price per student: $35